Video & Sound Editing

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The header clip is from a trailer I edited in 2014 for a film short called The Alexanders, that I also featured in and assisted with stunt coordinating. Fun set.

Videos & Ads

Summer Love Full Video - 2022

Official music video for Summer Love, the new single by Dannu of the Visionaries, featuring
ડㅐㅌ╳ꕯડ丅. Created with Adobe Premiere.

Summer Love Promos - 2022

Promotional media for Summer Love. Created with Adobe Premiere. Posted on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. The cut-out and masking styles were intentional to match the cover art style and the 80's theme.

NBA Sports - Amazing Moments 2020

I edited this ad with Adobe Premiere. The assets were gathered on YouTube. I made the beat using an Akai MPK Mini and Adobe Audition.

VisualMagix 2018

I edited this video with Adobe Premiere, for a now defunct but funky site that had YouTube videos about different software used to make music, with links, info and user likes and comments. I made the beat using Magix Music Maker.

Put It Together - The Visionaries 2020

This was the second single release for Visionaries album V. I came up with the concept for this video when the world was on lockdown; before Zoom and Facetime released their commercials. I edited the majority using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

All Along - The Visionaries 2020

The first single of the album V. I co-edited this video with Key Kool. We divided the segments. My segments are from 1:56 forward, plus the outro creation using Adobe Premiere, mixing Visionaries show footage with free stock footage and YouTube clips.

Solomon Square Performance - Tigercide 2021

A video reel request. I was given straight performance footage, shot from different angles, and two audio files with synch issues to work with. I added all the visual efx, zooms and slows using Adobe Premiere. Electronic band Tigercide live.

Wish Upon The Stars - R.ēL.Z.M. 2015

I created the concept and shot the footage using an HD 48mp Kodak phone, and edited the video using Adobe Premiere.

Where We BeGUN 2019

This...was random, and all quite DIY, as the cool kids are saying these days. I was living in Mexico doing a project with Nostalgic Afterlife in Rochester, NY. I wrote and recorded the song on my Galaxy S7, in my apartment there, with roosters crowing and kids playing outside that I had to remove in the mix. I used the S7's UHD to shoot most of the video, traveling through Portugal and Spain, and visiting the US. I positioned and propped it up wherever I could for shots of myself. I edited it really quick in Premiere, and posted it to promote the song on the day it was released.