This Is My Requests Page

Special Design Requests

Right now I'm actively looking for projects. I've designed a lot of things that I don't have on my site. When I submit to a job that requests samples of those, this is where they can be viewed...for a limited time.

  • Logos
  • CD | Book | Movie Title Cover Designs
  • Business Cards
  • Hand Drawn Pieces | Graffiti
  • Rich Media & Static Ads

This section will be constantly updated per request. My sites are geared mainly towards music and apparel associated with Visionaries Crew, Inc. As I find time to create pages with more content, this page may no longer be necessary.

This Week's Requests

Graphic Novel | Warrior Son, by RC Hood Jr.

A sci-fi story about the 2nd son of God.

Movie Title | The Alexanders

A film trailer/short. The precursor to the a full length movie, about a rich family with off planet origins and the people who are after them.