Things I Love

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ♪♫

To those that don't know, I've been a professionally known musician for more than 20 years; check The Visionaries. But, I've been an artist all my life. In addition to producing, recording and mixing music, my artistic eye has taken me on a journey, mastering and giving its expression to many fields. As an artist and designer, I've worked with agencies, media and production houses throughout my corporate history, entertainment studios, Warner Bros, Disney Imagineering, real estate agencies, Jon Douglas, Coldwell Banker, Fred Sands. Applying over 20 years experience, for the last 12 years, I've had a major part in developing and maintaining my band's brand and visual aesthetic. My artist portfolio reflects that, naturally. I wanted to create a page to show my eye in different arenas. Not one to just make "mock" ads for the sake of showcasing it, I thought to make a page about some of my favorite things outside of music and art, for those who know my music and may find themselves here. All comps on this page were created in Photoshop. To some (ie automotive) I added simple typography, light textures and perspective, others (video games) are multi-layered, heavy textured creations, that have many elements. They are not directly downloaded images.

Cars & Cycles

I like the classics, 1972 Cutlass 442, my #1. I owned a '95 BMW 325i, (yep, it's a classic now), and a 2002 Land Rover Discovery. Both are rides I will own again. If I ever start a collection of fast vehicles, a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight (Rough Crafted), Aston Martin DB11, Porsche Macan Turbo compact SUV (for the sporting family), and a Ducati XDiavel situation would definitely be going on in my garage.



I love to cook and I love to eat. Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Peruvian, Indian, Japanese, and my family's Creole and soul food. Those are my top cuisines to eat, and cook, when I'm in the mood.



I love basketball and both American and European football. I've been a Steeler fan since Mean Joe Greene and the Steel Curtain, Lakers since Kareem, Magic, Wilkes, Coop, Rambis and Worthy. Those were the squads that inspired me to play. I played both basketball and football in leagues all the way up to high school.


Video Games

I love video games, but I'm not a gamer. There are 4 games that I play. Red Dead Redemption II. I finished the game years ago, but I play from saves, and I've started over several times. Witcher III. I never finished the game. I'm still playing day. Same with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I started it over, and have been taking my time collecting all the armor and skills before I head to the dragon. Lastly, Mafia City on my phone. I've played almost every day since May 2021.