Los Angeles hip hop artist and founding member of the hip hop crew, The Visionaries and electrodub band LVX Collective.

This emcee and resident soothsayer, has been part of the bubbling Los Angeles underground hip hop scene for over 20 years, starting with graffiti and b-boying, then DJing, writing rhymes and freestyling in the '80s. He walked in the shadows honing his skills, battling, and soaking up experience several years before finally making his official debut on Key-Kool & Rhettmatic's Kosmonautz album, released in 1995. He formed the group, Writer's Block with fellow Visionaire, Dannu in 1992, who've released two albums, En Route, and Next Stop, and began touring internationally and throughout the US with The Visionaries. By 2007, he'd expanded his musical creativity to establish himself in the electronica, R&B, and neo-soul cultures as well with two releases from his band, LVX Collective, 50.5.10. and Love D'LVX.

Zen Sightings You May Have Never Seen

Days Like This


Single from the LVX Collective album, 50.5.10, 2007.



A Collaboration with Nostagic Afterlife. The video was shot in Portugal and Spain after walking 9 days on the "Camino De Santiago".



A single released in 2015, for a limited time. It will be on the upcoming EP Hearthrobb, produced by Abnormal.


"O", spoken as 'enso' or 'zen circle' is the first single off the upcoming the upcoming LP Flight Manual. This teaser video and the single were released together in 2015.

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